You'd like to know a little bit more about me and my business? 

Believe it or not... I'm Katherine! Welcome to my website! 

This is me looking very serious! 

Once upon a time I was a graphic designer and I used to sit behind 3 computer screens at a desk on the 5th floor of a government department and work! But these days my work involves chasing around after 3 small people, a husband and a dog! As my family grew I didn't miss the work, but I did miss getting creative... and thats how Creative by Katherine started. An outlet for my creativity! 

I'm loving making my products by hand and bringing joy to all my customers! And I love meeting all of you who take the time out of your day to come and see me at my markets! I'm sure as time goes on I will expand my range and introduce other awesome things as they pop into my head. I'm going to keep the creativity flowing and have some fun! I hope you join in! 

Take your time and have a look around my website. Feel free to keep in touch - questions, comments, feedback all welcome! :) 

Katherine xx